Scientific Diet Quiz Health Score



*Calculate your safe minimum, mid-range, and maximum weight

*Calculate the healthy amount of protein your unique genetic body composition, metabolism, exercise, and lifestyle requires daily, along with carbs (sugar, starch, soluble fiber, insoluble fiber) and fats

*Calculate a safe, sustainable weight loss calorie deficit relative to your unique genetic body composition to successfully lose weight

*Understand which diet, in general, is best for you in the short and long term relative to your unique genetic scientific body type

*Learn which diet is best for weight loss in terms of your unique genetic body composition

*Learn the benefits of understanding the Glycemic Index (GI)  — how carbohydrates/glucose affects the body — and how it can help with weight management and health, including weight loss and weight gain

Is your diet healthy? Low-carb? High-carb? Low-fat? High-fat? High-protein? Are you a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, omnivore, carnivore, or such? What does the current science say? The Scientific Diet Quiz wrangles the latest dietary science data, evidence, and facts to accurately calculate your scientific diet health score using a proprietary algorithm.


The Scientific Diet Quiz determines the health of your current diet.

Healthy longevity is the scientific standard when it comes to understanding what diet is best for your unique genetic scientific body type (body composition and shape). Globally, there are five (5) Blue Zones where healthy longevity is common. Common meaning most people living in these zones live healthy, vibrant lives well into their hundreds (100 years old plus), also known as centenarians. These Blue Zones are located in:

*Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

*Nuoro Province, Sardinia, Italy

*the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

*Icaria, Greece, and

*Loma Linda, California, United States

Extensive scientific research has confirmed that human beings living in these Blue Zones are the healthiest and live the longest because of their unique diet (as well as exercise and lifestyle), including the Blue Zone Mediterranean Diet. Getting the proper daily amount of macronutrients — protein, fat, water, and carbohydrates including fiber — as well as micronutrients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, is key. Is a high-carb or low-carb diet the best choice for your unique genetic body composition and weight management, be it losing weight or gaining weight or both? Maybe a low-fat diet is best? Or, perhaps a high-protein diet or even a high-fat diet is best?

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